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Ebook Deals Today UK | April 24, 2024

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Action & Adventure

PACIFIC ODYSSEY: The Curious Journey of Lew 2.0 by Chet Nairene

April 21, 2024 |

Price: £3.15

“A ROCKET RIDE! ‘Poltergeist’ meets ‘Wall Street’ in a remote Asian kingdom. Nonstop fun and exotic glitz as Lewis N. Clarke, a brilliant but shallow American businessman, becomes ‘Lew 2.0 in a Tropical Wonderland’. Don’t miss it!” — … Read More

Special Agent Sophia by Mimi Barbour

December 6, 2023 |

Realtime Price: FREE

Sophia’s mane of silver hair gives her a look of a mystical warrior, a female not of this world. Some colleagues defend her, others are jealous… most fear her, yet everyone respects her abilities. An ace sharpshooter, … Read More

The Eye of Nineveh by D G Palmer

September 26, 2022 |

Realtime Price: £0.99

Years ago they found an artefact, rumoured to be a gift from the gods. Now it has vanished from the British Museum…into the wrong hands. London. Natasha Travers feels her world falling apart. Stuck working with … Read More

HOSTAGE TO FREEDOM by Richard Sorapure

October 19, 2021 |

Realtime Price: £2.99

The Fletchers are an English family living in expatriate comfort in Singapore in 2002 when a recession threatens their lifestyle. Geophysicist Michael and his son, Alex, are drawn into a marine survey to locate the Siren, an … Read More

Battle Mage by Peter Flannery

October 9, 2021 |

Realtime Price: £3.99

An infernal army on the march. An unholy demon at its head. The one person who can stop it is a weakling nobody trusts. Falco Dante knows only guilt. The son of a traitor, the sickly young … Read More

Black Flag: Surviving the Scourge by Dave Klapwyk

April 2, 2021 |

Realtime Price: £1.99

A global apocalyptic pandemic called the Scourge is sweeping the globe, decimating the population. Society is disintegrating, leaving the remaining to endure the chaos. This is the action-packed adventure of a disparate group struggling to survive a … Read More

Sybil and the Floot-Snoot by Matthew R.R. Morrese

November 20, 2020 |

Realtime Price: £2.31

The Little Sybil Liltshyr Adventures are a series of Children’s Books meant for ages 6-12 to enjoy equally. Whether parents are reading it to their kids, or their kids are reading it themselves, Sybil and the Floot-Snoot … Read More

Tomb of the First Priest by A. D. Davies

November 3, 2020 |

Realtime Price: £2.99

The ancient world is not what we thought.

In the city of Prague, freelance treasure hunter Jules has finally located the bangle stolen from his dying mother, an artifact that may unravel a centuries-old secret: the location … Read More

We Must Save Jepson!: (A Novella) by Mark Petersen

August 22, 2020 |

Realtime Price: £2.46

Cannibals and lions and murder – oh my!

Intrepid librarian H. R. Huxtable and his column of misfits are out to save Jepson’s beleaguered British outpost in central Africa—battling rock-strewn rivers, bloody jungle, hungry cannibals, and each … Read More

The Tailor of Riga by Jonathan Harries

August 22, 2020 |

Realtime Price: £3.99

In his 5th novel, Jonathan Harries takes us through the dark, comedic (and highly questionable) history of a family of assassins. Unfortunately, as he discovers, they’re his family.

I had absolutely no intention of getting into the … Read More