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Ebook Deals Today UK | May 21, 2024

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PACIFIC ODYSSEY: The Curious Journey of Lew 2.0 by Chet Nairene

PACIFIC ODYSSEY: The Curious Journey of Lew 2.0 by Chet Nairene

Price: £3.15

“A ROCKET RIDE! ‘Poltergeist’ meets ‘Wall Street’ in a remote Asian kingdom. Nonstop fun and exotic glitz as Lewis N. Clarke, a brilliant but shallow American businessman, becomes ‘Lew 2.0 in a Tropical Wonderland’. Don’t miss it!” — James Roby, The UrbanKnights Series.

“PACIFIC ODYSSEY is an uncommonly well written and utterly hilarious meander along that borderline where reality and fantasy blur, and particularly here in Asia the actual location of that borderline is always a matter of considerable speculation” — Jake Needham, Amazon #1 bestselling author of the Inspector Samuel Tay series

From the pen of bestselling author Chet Nairene comes PACIFIC ODYSSEY, a treat for fans of international adventure and travel fiction. Doling out equal doses of humor, exotica, adventure and romance, this is the story of brilliant but shallow New York tech businessman, Lew Clarke, who gets in over his head versus dangerous Asian occult forces and, to save his company, is forced to journey to an odd hermit kingdom hidden deep within Southeast Asia.

Things soon escalate . . . all in the wrong direction!

Once inside the Kingdom of Amazia, Lew finds his problems have only just begun. In this closed-off, mysterious but highly ethical universe, all his modern-day knowledge and expertise are essentially useless. He attempts to navigate this unfathomable land, helped by exotic but charming characters, including Mr. Frog, Wongrat, Uncle Inpanh, Khun Khon and Boo. He goes on to discover the dark secret threatening all of Amazia and, while visiting the ultra-rural town of Biti, falls headlong for Boo’s stunning cousin, Miss Nong. His entire calculus shifts to encompass issues far greater issues than just saving himself.

PACIFIC ODYSSEY is humorous, at times harrowing cautionary tale that pits modern Western values and tech against Eastern mysticism and the occult. Reading like a mash-up between Tom Wolfe’s Bonfire of the Vanities and the movie Poltergeist, this tale will resonate for fans of exotic travel writing (e.g., Paul Theroux, Somerset Maugham and Graham Greene), adventure and romance. And readers who enjoy business adventure nonfiction, like the many works of Michael Lewis, should also enjoy this story.

This is the latest offering from BANANA LEAF BOOKS, a custom imprint specializing in the humorous adventures of Westerners adrift in Asia. Also available from Chet Nairene is “PACIFIC DASH, From Asia Vagabond to Casino King”.

Genre: Action & Adventure

PACIFIC ODYSSEY: The Curious Journey of Lew 2.0 by Chet Nairene

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