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Ebook Deals Today UK | May 18, 2022

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Undaunted in Darkness by Elizabeth Meyers

Undaunted in Darkness by Elizabeth Meyers

Realtime Price: £4.56

Have you been trying to live your life for Jesus, but life isn’t turning out the way you expected?
Undaunted In Darkness: Finding Your Path From Broken to Bold, isn’t just a “feel good” overcomer story or another average “how to” book. It’s a bold declaration and tender encouragement that will help you navigate life’s toughest challenges, even when it seems impossible.

In this sequel to Undefeated: From Trial to Triumph, author and speaker, Elizabeth Meyers, gives you insight on how to overcome trauma, tragedy, and complacency. She teaches you how to take control of your life and live out the victory Jesus has already won for you.

If you are overwhelmed or exhausted, you are not alone. Here you will find encouragement when you wonder where God is in the midst of your suffering. If you feel defeated, discouraged, or depressed, you will find hope to carry on. If you are anxious, angry, afraid, or unfulfilled, you will learn the path to peace.

You can’t afford to muddle through life without a plan any longer. Too much is at stake.

Undaunted in Darkness will guide you in the process of creating a personalized plan that works for your unique personality and life.

This book will teach you the tools you need to develop a resilient life and a faith that will stand strong in any storm, endure any loss, persevere through any hardship, stick tight with God at any cost, resist any attack of the enemy, and wave the banner of encouragement for others to do the same.

This book is for ordinary people, overcoming extraordinary challenges. Packed with practical steps to mastering the hard things in life, you’ll learn:

* How to live boldly and courageously with intention
* Practical steps to achieve balance and strength in all areas of your life
* How to overcome uncertainty, anxiety, and depression
* How to understand God’s sovereign goodness in the midst of life’s struggles
* To take control of your life and experience spiritual wellness
… and so much more!

Get all the best resilient life hacks!

By reading and applying the material in this book, you will:

* Learn practical ways to coordinate your spirit, mind, and body to fortify your faith and build a resilient life.
* Cultivate an unshakable faith in an unfailing God through trust-filled prayer.
* Recognize the power of surrender and the importance of perseverance.
* Choose which thoughts are worth keeping and how to replace those that aren’t.
* Transform your anxious thoughts into a relaxed peace through repeated practice.
* Cultivate a heart of gratitude and abundance toward yourself and others.
* Develop strategies for handling discouragement in grace-filled ways that lead to hope and joy.
* Recognize the necessity of making physical self-care a priority so you can serve others well.
Overcome adversity by building resilience…

Sometimes moving forward after trials, trauma, and tragedy can be daunting. Life can be difficult and sometimes painful. It’s not meant to be easy. But it’s through these challenges we build strength and resilience.

Never sacrifice your victory on the altar of victimhood. Take control of your life today and make the decision to go from feeling broken to living boldly. Start living out the victorious adventure for which God created you.

Don’t remain stuck in trauma or drowning in darkness, take the first steps to living undaunted now!

“This book is life changing and an excellent resource for those, like me, who’ve experienced tremendous loss.” – Victoria Chapin

Genre: Non-Fiction

Undaunted in Darkness: Finding Your Path From Broken to Bold (Stand Strong Series, Book 2) by Elizabeth Meyers

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