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Ebook Deals Today UK | October 24, 2020

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How To Master Self-Hypnosis In 5-Steps: The Simple Way To Get What You Truly Desire by Louis Queen

how to & selfhelp ebook How To Master Self-Hypnosis In 5-Steps: The Simple Way To Get What You Truly Desire by Louis Queen

Realtime Price: £2.37

Self-Hypnosis: The Simple Way To Get What You Truly Desire

Do you want to MASTER self-hypnosis?

  • You’re curious about self-hypnosis and want to know the potential?
  • You’ve never succeeded to induce a trance state so we don’t even talk about an arm levitation or a hallucination…
  • You’re TIRED about all of those books who “teach” self-hypnosis using scripts? It’s time to practise a real method WITHOUT SCRIPTS…
  • How To Enhanced Your Everyday Life With The 5-Step Method

    Find everything you need to enhanced your everyday life:

  • How I Succeed To Fall Asleep In 5-Minutes And Wake-Up Without Snoozing Every Single Bloody Day
  • My Three Favorites Ways To Relax That Work For Stressed People
  • How My Favorite Client Loses 51 Pounds Without My Help
  • The Lazy Method To Change Anything When You Don’t Know How To Do (I Love It)
  • How To Forgive Someone Or Yourself (Even When You Can’t Forget)
  • The 6-Steps Method I Used As An “Excellence” Sportive To Reduce Pain (For Chronicles Afflictions And Sportives)
  • The Advanced Techniques To Go Deeper And Master Self-Hypnosis

    Back in time, I was tired to read books who only scratch the surface of what you can do using self-hypnosis. Here’s the method to go deeper:

  • How To Create Your Own Council Of Geniuses In 3-Easy Steps
  • What Triggers Your Mind Using The Art Of Suggestion
  • The Method To Do A Past-Life Regression Safely
  • How To Do And Use Lucid Dreams To Enhance Yourself (Time To Learn How To Fly)
  • Beyond Schizophrenia (How To Negotiate With Your Unconscious Mind)
  • 3 Methods For An Instant Self-Hypnosis Trance (Useful In The Subway)
  • Most of the self-hypnosis books showed you the tip of the iceberg. Now it’s time to see the rest and go for a journey deep down with your unconscious mind.

    A Real Method, Not Only Scripts

    If you believed self-hypnosis was just about scripts, it’s far away from the truth.
    Scripts are a crutch who supports you at the beginning, but you can’t have results without using a method.

    It’s even easier than scripts because you’re the one in charge.
    No words who scratch your ears, nothing to record. Just your thoughts.

    A Guided Self-Hypnosis Audio Offer To You

    I don’t believe in using ONLY scripts and recorded hypnosis.
    However, they can help you to get more confidence. So I record this guided self-hypnosis audio for you in a private studio from London. You’ll just have to follow my voice and I’ll guide you to a trance state. After that, you’ll be able to do it without my help wherever you want: from your cosy couch to the subway.

    Genre: Selfhelp, Nonfiction

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