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Ebook Deals Today UK | August 22, 2019

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4/21 £2.77 “The Immortals: Night Star” by Alyson Noels

April 21, 2012 |

Today’s feature: £2.77 (YA Paranormal) “The Immortals: Night Star” by Alyson Noel

With 2 million copies of her Immortals series in print, Alyson Noël is one of the hottest paranormal teen authors writing today. NIGHT … Read More

4/20 £1.95 “Scottish Whispers” by R.G. Porter

April 20, 2012 |

Today’s feature: £1.95 (paranormal) “Scottish Whispers” by R.G. Porter

A man who protects the balance between worlds. A woman who is haunted by her past. A group of demons wanting both their souls. A twist of fate that … Read More

4/20 77p “Guitar Basics Handbook” by Kevin Briggs

April 20, 2012 |

Today’s feature: 77p “Guitar Basics Handbook” by Kevin Briggs

Ever wondered what basic chords and scales you need to play in a band? Your search is over. The Guitar Basics Handbook. A great resource for beginner to intermediate … Read More

4/19 77p “Night Prey” by Carol Davis Luce

April 19, 2012 |

Today’s feature: 77p (thriller)”NIGHT PREY” by Carol Davis Luce

Roberta Paxton had a pleasant, challenging job, a man who loved her, and a host of good friends, but anxiety gnawed at her, at the back of her mind, … Read More

4/18 £1.02 “Clown” by Paul Montgomery

April 18, 2012 |

Today’s feature: £1.02 (fantasy) “Clown” by Paul Montgomery

Behind the paint, behind the legend.

Times have changed, and the world has moved on. The remnants of the old world have hidden themselves away from the modern age. Hidden, … Read More

4/17 £1.94 “The Dragon Gem” by Brian Beam

April 17, 2012 |

Today’s feature: £1.94 (Fantasy) “The Dragon Gem (Korin’s Journal)” by Brian Beam

With nothing to go on but a vague dream which may or may not be memory, Korinalis Karell has traveled Amirand for three years in search … Read More

4/16 £2.00 “The Good Knight” by Sarah Woodbury

April 16, 2012 |

Today’s feature: £2.00 (medieval mystery) “The Good Knight – Gareth & Gwen Medieval Mysteries 1 (An enhanced ebook)” by Sarah Woodbury


Intrigue, suspicion, and rivalry among the royal princes casts a shadow on the court of Owain, king … Read More

4/15: 99p “Broken Silence” by Danielle Ramsay

April 15, 2012 |

Today’s Feature: 99p (mystery/thriller) “Broken Silence (DI Jack Brady)” by Danielle Ramsay

Who killed Sophie Washington?

Early one cold November morning in the run-down seaside resort of Whitley Bay, the body of a young girl is discovered. Found … Read More

4:14 £1.28 “Royal Rebel” by Dana Taylor

April 14, 2012 |

Today’s feature:  £1.28 (YA Fantasy) “Royal Rebel” by Dana Taylor

Courageous, captivating, cunning—the Royal Rebel leads her band of freedom fighters against the tyranny of Prince John. Inspired by the legend of Robin Hood, “Royal Rebel” twists a … Read More

4/13: £1.95 “The Way of the Black Beast” by Stuart Jaffe

April 13, 2012 |

Today’s feature: £1.95 (fantasy) “The Way of the Black Beast (The Malja Chronicles)” by Stuart Jaffe

“I was hooked from the opening line, blown away by the detail and mesmerized by the characters … I think I found … Read More