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Ebook Deals Today UK | May 27, 2020

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7/14 £1.00 “Sepulchre” by James Herbert

July 14, 2012 |

Today’s feature:  £1.00 “Sepulchre” by James Herbert (price is for limited time confirm price before downloading)

A conflict of evilsThere is a house called Neath that holds a dark and terrible secret.In that house there is a psychic called … Read More

7/13 99p “Confessions of a Single (Irish) Mother” by Marisa Mackle

July 13, 2012 |

Today’s feature: 99p (nonfiction) “Confessions of a Single (Irish!) Mother” by Marisa Mackle

An honest account from a real-life single mother of a cute, but naughty little boy (aged three!). This is a non-fiction book about the ups and … Read More

7/12 £1.54 “To Catch a Dream” by Mary Wood

July 12, 2012 |

Today’s feature: £1.54 “To Catch A Dream (Powerful, compelling story – The sins of one man impacts on generations of women-The Breckton Saga Trilogy)” by Mary Wood

The novels, To Catch a Dream and An Unbreakable Bond form two … Read More

7/11 £1.99 “A Father’s Revenge” by Kitty Neale

July 11, 2012 |

Today’s feature: (family saga) £1.99 “A Father’s Revenge” by Kitty Neale

A mother must fight to protect all she holds dear…

Thirteen years have passed since Kevin Dolby was sent to prison for robbery with violence.

In the meantime, … Read More

7/10 85p “Donor: Steven Dunbar Series” by Ken McClure

July 10, 2012 |

Today’s feature: (thriller/suspense)  85p “Donor: Steven Dunbar Series, Book 1 (Dr Steven Dunbar 1)” by Ken McClure

The first Dr Stephen Dunbar thriller.

When seven-year-old Amanda Chapman is admitted to hospital with acute renal failure, her parents are in … Read More

7/9 £1.96 “A Dead Red Cadillac” by R.P. Dahlke

July 9, 2012 |

Today’s feature:  £1.96 (mystery)  “A DEAD RED CADILLAC” by R.P. Dahlke

“I’ve been married so many times, they should revoke my license,” says NY model, and reluctant pilot Lalla Bains.

Running her dad’s Crop-Dusting business in Modesto, California she’s … Read More

7/8 77p “The Hollywood Scoop” by Jordan Parker

July 8, 2012 |

Today’s feature: (historical romance) 77p “The Hollywood Scoop” by Jordan Parker Joey Delaney is only sixteen years-old, but she’s not letting that stop her quest to become a star newspaper reporter. It’s the summer of 1942, the world is going … Read More

7/7 20p “The Stranger’s Child” by Alan Hollinghurst

July 7, 2012 |

Today’s feature: 20p (limited time contemporary fiction) “The Stranger’s Child” by Alan Hollinghurst

An epic story of two families and two houses spanning the entire 20th century, it promises to enhance its author’s claim to the title of best … Read More

7/6 £1.29 “Dysfunctional Romance” by Derick Hudson

July 6, 2012 |

Today’s feature: £1.29 “Dysfunctional Romance!” by Derick Hudson


Barry Shaws’s whirlwind journey through life was shaped by the growing demands of a multitude of disorders, which meant he tended to clean things repeatedly and aggressively, before they … Read More

7/5 85p “Rise of the Footsoldier” by Carlton Leach

July 5, 2012 |

Today’s feature: 85p “Rise of the Footsoldier – In My Game, The Choice is a Jail or a Grave” by Carlton Leach

‘The first thing that caught my eye was the geezer with the gold tooth – the second … Read More