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Ebook Deals Today UK | September 22, 2021

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teen fiction Archives — Ebook Deals Today UK

Death Mask: A Tale of Vengeance by Nora Delzelle

August 16, 2021 |

Realtime Price:

Who knew that placing a bid on eBay could be so deadly? When Alex wins an auction for an artifact, she is pulled into an adventure full of magic, old gods, and prophecy. Can she survive a … Read More

Love Muffin And Chai Latte (A Romantic Comedy) (The Monsoon Series Book 1) by Anya Wylde

May 27, 2018 |

Realtime Price: £0.99

Clear your calendar, turn on your voicemail and get cozy on the sofa as Anya Wylde has decided to dip her toes into the world of contemporary romance …

Love Muffin and Chai Latte follows … Read More

The Never Hero (Chronicles of Jonathan Tibbs Book 1) by T. Ellery Hodges

July 4, 2016 |

Realtime Price: £3.99

At the gates between worlds…
In a war outside of time…
He fights for us.
Read More

Secrets: The Hero Chronicles (Volume 1) by Tim Mettey

May 7, 2016 |

Realtime Price: £0.99

–This book was written for junior high/high school age readers as well as all who are young at heart– Read More

True Colors (Landry’s True Colors Series Book 1) by Krysten Lindsay Hager

May 5, 2016 |

Realtime Price: £0.99

Landry Albright just wants to be one of the interesting girls at school who always have exciting things going on in their lives. Read More

Aranya (Shapeshifter Dragons Book 1) by Marc Secchia

October 11, 2015 |

Realtime Price: £2.99

2015 B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree

Chained to a rock and tossed off a cliff by her boyfriend, Aranya is executed for high treason against the Sylakian Empire. Read More