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Ebook Deals Today UK | August 25, 2019

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12/10 £0.77 “My Strange Mexican Tale (Pack Your Bags)” by Jeandre Gerber

Ebook Deal of the Day: 12/10 £0.77 “My Strange Mexican Tale (Pack Your Bags)” by Jeandre Gerber

My Strange Mexican Tale (Pack Your Bags)

This is Jeandre´s story of finding himself again after the death of his father and the bankruptcy of his family went through. His crazy road trip together with his best friends, almost without any budget, takes him physically from Monterrey to Oaxaca, but emotionally leads him to a new way of looking at life.

* * * * *
“Maybe it was a ritual sacrifice, maybe it was just a beach party but one thing was certain, I had to check it out. As I came closer I saw three beach fires and roughly thirty people gathered around with djembes, didgeridoos and other instruments. Some people had fire chains and sticks while others were passing this massive bowl of red liquid. People would sip on it and pass it along. The music began to play and people began to dance with fire and continued to sip on the red liquid.”

“In my final waking moments I found a small speck of happiness. I realized that I did something on my own, without the help of anyone. I managed to travel for two weeks on a shoe string budget; I lived many adventures and met many people along the way. I realized that there is a lot more to life than your own, that the world continues to spin even though you are dead. I realized that the dead do not mourn; only the living is cursed with that burden. But the thing that I realized was that whatever you wish to achieve in this world is a real possibility as long as you have the motivation and the ability to adapt to every situation.”

* * * * *

Chapter One: Out of Sorrow
Chapter Two: Familiar Strangers
Chapter Three: The Great Arrival
Chapter Four: To the Mountains I say!
Chapter Five: Reaching Mazunte
Chapter Six: The Beach of the Dead
Chapter Seven: Conflict on the Road
Chapter Eight: Road Money
Chapter Nine: Leaving Oaxaca
Chapter Ten: The way back home
Chapter Eleven: Back to the City of Mountains
Chapter Twelve: The Philosophy of the Road Warrior

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