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Ebook Deals Today UK | May 17, 2022

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£0.99 “The Eslites: The Arrival” by CM Doporto

ya scifi/dystopian ebook The Eslites: The Arrival by CM Doporto

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Ebook Deal of the Day:

£0.99 “The Eslites: The Arrival (The Eslite Chronicles)”
by CM Doporto

Genre: YA, Scifi/Dystopian, Romance

Can Miranda save the human race?

An elegant, sophisticated alien species on the verge of extinction has invaded Earth and confined an entire generation of young women, after negotiating a treaty with the world’s governments. Eager to help the aliens reproduce, but frightened by her imprisonment at Nidus, the Eslite medical compound, sixteen-year-old Miranda Mays endures callous scientific experiments in the Eslite’s quest for survival.

When Miranda discovers the ultimate consequences of her egg donations, she organizes a rebellion, enlisting fellow donors in her cause. But soon she realizes the mysterious headmaster, Dimas, knows of her plot. And there’s something about him that bothers Miranda, though she can’t describe it. The fate of humanity hangs in the balance, so she can’t back down. But will Dimas expose her defiance?

Age: 12 and up

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