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Ebook Deals Today UK | June 13, 2024

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crime fiction Archives — Ebook Deals Today UK

Special Agent Isabella by Mimi Barbour

November 7, 2023 |

Realtime Price:

Governor Stacy Bolden fears how the world can survive so much dysfunction.

When Tanner chooses to partner with Special Agent Isabella, she’s totally bummed. Desperately needing some downtime, she sure-as-he…ck doesn’t want to spend it with him. … Read More

Special Agent Hunter by Mimi Barbour

October 5, 2023 |

Realtime Price: £3.16

Detective Cora Taylor isn’t expecting the cop who’d haunted her dreams for ten years to return and find her drunk, wearing a torn wedding dress, and surrounded by tiny, white puppies. Go figure her rotten luck. The … Read More

Faith (Her Sweet Revenge Series, Book 5) by Mimi Barbour

October 2, 2023 |

Realtime Price: FREE

Hooker turned nanny, Faith Whitely, known to her johns as Sunshine, has struggled to be a decent person all her life. And her options were never the same as the good girls in town. Growing up with … Read More

Special Agent Walker by Mimi Barbour

August 9, 2023 |

Realtime Price: £4.03

Agent Walker drops his beloved goddaughter off at the same school where minutes later a shooter begins the devil’s work. Lori Page, an FBI profiler, spots a boy on a bus who’s acting strange. When he disembarks, … Read More

Special Agent Jennie by Mimi Barbour

July 12, 2023 |

Realtime Price: £3.92

Agent Jennie hates only one man. The same guy who comes back into her and her daughter’s life and rips it apart. How can she allow him the power… how can she not?

Thank goodness for Agent … Read More

Special Agent Maximilian by Mimi Barbour

March 9, 2023 |

Realtime Price: £3.20

Identical twins but different men – she loves both! In this electrifying romantic suspense set in the steamy streets of New Orleans, Lieutenant Commander Nik Baudin accidentally meets up with an identical twin he never knew existed. … Read More

Special Agent Booker by Mimi Barbour

February 10, 2023 |

Realtime Price: £3.32

Suspense lights up on every page of this fast-paced blockbuster of thrills! When Sloan Booker’s father dies tragically, he has no other option but to give up his job as an FBI agent and take over his … Read More

Unforgettable Devotion: Passion & Pain by Mimi Barbour + more!

January 24, 2023 |

Realtime Price: £0.82

One can be smitten by a person but Unforgettable Devotion leaves us truly breathless, satisfied… and complete. Dedication, support, and loyalty are qualities we all look for in our relationships. When we add love into the mix, … Read More

Special Agent Storm, Book 12 by Mimi Barbour

January 6, 2023 |

Realtime Price: £4.08

Agent Storm is way too gorgeous for a mere mortal. Considering his looks mean nothing to him, that detail has hindered him all his life. For Kurt, it’s all about his ability to be a good Navy … Read More

Unforgettable Loyalty, Book 27 by Mimi Barbour + more!

October 12, 2022 |

Realtime Price: £0.85

Faithfulness, devotion, commitment… all exclusive words meaning you put that special someone at the top of your “you-matter-the-most” list.

Is there anything more important in a relationship than loyalty from the one you love… knowing that person … Read More