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Ebook Deals Today UK | December 7, 2021

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Gray Panthers: Captain Short Blade by David Guenther

scifi space opera ebook Gray Panthers: Captain Short Blade by David Guenther

Realtime Price: £2.30

Short Blade, of the Jacka warrior race, distinguished himself by becoming the most decorated and highest ranking Jacka ever to serve in the human Gray Panthers Space Navy during the Libra Alliance War, yet his accomplishments mean nothing to his own race, who still see him only as a runt to be shunned and despised.With the war now over and his services no longer required, Short Blade uses what he has learned from his human comrades to find his niche as a space-bound Yankee trader. Not only must he navigate the perils of traveling to unknown worlds and brokering transactions among planets that often are hostile to each other, but he must also constantly be looking over his shoulder for pirates. Though he’s not loved by many, he is trusted because of the valor and integrity he demonstrated during the war, so the League of Planets, along with the Dixians and humans, agrees to hire him and his small ship to find the pirates’ home base and report back.When he departs on this treacherous mission with his three-man crew of former Gray Panthers, he’s unaware that there are some who don’t want them to find the pirate base and expose the secrets lurking behind it. Will Captain Short Blade, his two scrappy, heavy-drinking chief petty officers’ William “Guns” Wright and James “Jimmy” Brewster along with Lieutenant Commander John Poland be able to complete the mission and survive?

Genre: SciFi, Space Opera

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