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Ebook Deals Today UK | August 25, 2019

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SUCCESSFUL STRESS MANAGEMENT: A Stress Busting Quick-Guide To Help You Deal Effectively with Stress, Worry and Anxiety Right Now by Charlotte Raines

nonfiction ebook SUCCESSFUL STRESS MANAGEMENT: A Stress Busting Quick-Guide To Help You Deal Effectively with Stress, Worry and Anxiety Right Now by Charlotte Raines

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Want to work less and achieve your goals faster? Successful Stress Management is Performance Management and…. STRESS MANAGEMENT IS NOT ONE SIZE FITS ALL – discovering your unique stress response and what to do to is the KEY… Despite shared commonalities in physiological responses to stress, you are unique!

The more you know about stress … AND about your own stress response … the more powerfully you will be able to counteract the negative aspects of stress and cultivate peak performance! There are four broad spectrum categories of dysregulation response patterns – each linked to a wide array of different stress related illnesses and conditions.

At any given moment you are in a different physical state from anyone else, with your own unique physiological and hormonal response levels and wired to a different response through social conditioning. Stress gets us – each and every one – in a different way.

Solutions need to be geared to you.

This is not a book with vague generalities about learning to say no and taking on less, or instructions about time management. We suffer actual time constraints in our era, which are very real, and deserve a good rant.

NO! This is a book with real, concrete and effective stress management methods and techniques based on proven stress and performance science.

With this book you have an easy framework to:
Discover your physiological and mental approach to stress and what to do.
Find out why high performers succeed and how they deal with stress.
Get proven tools and strategies based on stress and performance science.

STRESS robs you of your focus, energy and physical and mental resilience!

Illnesses associated with chronic stress range from heart attack, stroke, kidney disease, rheumatoid arthritis, headaches, high blood pressure, anxiety, panic attack, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic pain, diabetes to insomnia.

Stress also has a negative impact on creativity – vital in our era – and everyone knows the toll chronic stress takes you your emotions and your ability to think clearly. It affects habits, decisions, emotional responses, learning, and is even considered to predispose people to conditions like depression and Alzheimer. New research reveals a neural mechanism linking chronic stress directly to memory impairment.

The impacts of stress prevent you from making the changes in your circumstances to improve your health, your quality of life and solve complex financial and relationship problems.

This book can give you the tools and strategies to transform your stress response to:
-Find Relief and Hope
-Regain Control and Confidence
-Perform under Pressure

77% of people regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress according to the American Psychological Association. In 2011 stress management was ranked higher in importance (61%) than good friendships or doing well in career or studies.

In a negative dominoes cascade stress impacts health, relationships, career, life and love… Why? Because stress affects life choices. Stress makes you fearful, insecure, unhappy and reactive.

Are there solutions? Easy, Effective and Immediately Actionable Solutions? YES!

If you are the type of person who wants to, or needs to go full steam because life demands it from you and you want consistent high quality action from yourself without making yourself sick from stress!
… then this is the book for you!

You will also have immediate STRESS RELIEF HELP.

Every purchase comes with a free guided audio for rapid stress relief and renewed energy and focus by Stress Expert Kathy Somers. Look inside to learn more!

And right now – get the book FREE too!

This is a very limited offer. As part of the Amazon Kindle digital marketing platform, from February 1 to February 3 this book and the Power Up Rapid Stress Relief audio is available for FREE!

Gain Mastery. Gain Time. Gain Stress Freedom!

Claim your copy now!

Genre: Non-Fiction

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