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Ebook Deals Today UK | September 22, 2021

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E.T. the Extra Tortilla by Ray Kingfisher

humour fiction ebookE.T. the Extra Tortilla by Ray Kingfisher

Realtime Price: £0.99

A tale of literally intergalactic proportions, with a literally interstellar cast. Literally.

Take an utterly contrived plot, add some cardboard cutout characters with implausible names, throw in a few lame gags and truly awful puns, pepper the story with silliness and obvious clichéd stereotypes, and you have a novel of stupid freeform nonsense.

What more could you possibly want?

What’s it about?

Oh, it’s about an alien and an extra tortilla.

You want more details?

Okay, it’s got an unpleasant three-limbed creature calling the shots, a couple of groovy hippies, lots and lots of explosions (always a winner, that), a silly old lady on a Harley Davidson motorcycle, a bad Hollywood lookalike, various national stereotypes and much, much more (okay, a bit more).

Follow the story around the globe (well, a few bits of it), as our intrepid characters leave no stone turned to escape their fate of… oh, I can’t be bothered with this. Why not just download the sample and then either buy it or don’t buy it, okay?

Genre: Humour

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