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Ebook Deals Today UK | April 2, 2020

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How to Be Self-Employed by John Cosstick

How to Be Self-Employed: A Freelance Work from Home Guide by John Cosstick

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Find inspiration to kick start your new career!

Whether you are looking for a career change, have been made redundant, or are a work-at-home mum looking for freelance work online, you will find a wealth of ideas in John Cosstick’s new eBook. This valuable freelancers’ guide is written for those looking for inspiration for self-employment and freelance work from home.

Looking for work is always daunting, but paid work from home is particularly hard to find if you don’t know where to look. If you have been in the regular work-force for a number of years, you may not be aware of a whole new world of outsourcing work which is happening online. You might have been left behind by the social media revolution and need to catch up so that you can make the most of these limitless worldwide networks to promote your home business.

You may need to re-train to develop skills that are needed in the modern internet age.

This invaluable guide introduces you to many different self-employment ideas and home based business opportunities which you might not have considered. It will also help you navigate your way through the maze of online jobs boards, internet courses, resources, forums and more that you may need if you are going to succeed in your own work at home business.

You will be taken step by step through how to become self-employed and how to freelance effectively.

This short eBook also shows you where to find easily affordable training courses and information so that you can learn new skills which are in demand.

Matters such as how to set your rates, where to get support and information, how to apply for online work and joining a freelance union are clearly explained. There are chapters on avoiding fraud on the internet, social media marketing and creating your own online presence.

One of the most important elements of self-employment is managing your time effectively. There are two excellent chapters on work life balance and the benefits of time management to help you avoid the pitfalls of having your own freelance home business. In addition Cosstick has developed an efficient and easy to use time management planning system with printable worksheets which you will be able to download and print after reading the book.

This eBook provides you with everything you need to join the invisible army of freelancers making money working from home.

About the author:

John Cosstick is the author of a successful website on freelancing and work at home business solutions, He has also produced websites on social media contracting and identity theft.

In his long and varied career he has been a banker, an accountant, a certified financial planner and a private property trust administrator. John is now a professional freelance journalist and author. His deep understanding of the issues facing freelancers and the self-employed has arisen from his own personal experience in this field.

His aim is to help those who have found themselves looking for employment in a workforce which has changed almost beyond recognition in the last 20 years. He is aware that it is particularly difficult for those affected by economic downturn (e.g. farmers caught in a cycle of droughts or floods, people living in areas where the local industries such as manufacturing, mining or ship building have collapsed, those living in situations of political unrest, the aftermath of war or in isolated communities).

The goal with this eBook is to help those people, who are now empowered, through the power of the internet, to change their circumstances.

Cosstick is keen to give hope to those who are finding it hard to re-build their working lives, and to show that there are many opportunities if you know where to find them.

Genre: Adult & Continuing Education

How to Be Self-Employed: A Freelance Work from Home Guide by John Cosstick

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