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Ebook Deals Today UK | August 20, 2022

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Lady of the Eternal Hearth by Sandi Murtland

Arthurian romance ebook Lady of the Eternal Hearth by Sandi Murtland

Realtime Price: £1.99

Nora, a common villager with a special gift for healing, and her son, Heath, lead a quiet life in an ancient kingdom of Scotland. But, after her kinsman, Gildas, the archdruid of Britain mysteriously disappears, she has a disturbing dream that he’s in mortal danger. To save his life, she leaves her home and risks revealing the secrets of her sordid past with King Arthur’s bastard son, Mordred, and his mad mother, Morgaine. Her adventure begins in the legendary Camelot where she meets and falls in love with Gawaine of Lothian, King Arthur’s captain of field and most loyal knight. As their search for Gildas unfolds, they discover a conspiracy to usurp King Arthur’s throne, and Nora learns of a powerful past life, an uncontrollable dark side to her Goddess-given gifts, a vengeful curse that’s destroying the land, and her place in a sacred order of the Goddess. Should Nora reveal to Gawaine her special talents and her past with Mordred? Can she and her allies save ancient Britain from the curse and the conspirators?

Author’s Note: This novel contains content that may be inappropriate for individuals under age 18.

Genre: Arthurian Romance

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