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Ebook Deals Today UK | December 7, 2021

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2/1: £1.98 “The Best Revenge” by Anne R. Allen

£1.98 (romantic comedy/mystery) “The Best Revenge” by Anne R. Allen.

Nineteen-year old Camilla Randall, a 1980s New  York debutante, has it all. She’s been voted“debutante of the year” and is adored by New York’sglitterati. Until she is assaulted by her mother’s fiancé, smeared in thenewspapers by a sexy muckraking journalist—and her family loses everyting inthe Savings and Loan Scandal.

With nothing but her Delorean and the couture on her back,Camilla goes on the road to find refuge with her gay best friend—a writer whois seeking his fortune in Hollywood.

Unfortunately, her friend has developed heterosexualtendencies and an inconvenient girlfriend, so Camilla has to move in withwild-partying friends. To make things a whole lot worse, a famously debauched TVstar ends up dead after one of their parties, and Camilla is arrested for hismurder.

In order to clear her name and find the real killer, shemust turn to a friendly sanitation worker, a dotty octogenarian neighbor andthe muckraking journalist who ridiculed her—who also happens to be herboss.

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