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Ebook Deals Today UK | July 24, 2021

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12/7 £1.98 “The Testimony of Satan” by Jeremy Brown

Ebook Deal of the Day: £2.63 “The Testimony of Satan” by Jeremy BrownThe Testimony of Satan by Jeremy BrownSatan actually has a role to perform on Earth. He provides us with first-hand knowledge of how much authority can be granted to an angel in Heaven. God uses him to correct the folly of humankind, specifically when we are off track, pushing us beyond the comfort and light of God. Discomfort is not always the indication of sin; rather, sin is living outside the light of God. Sin is the result of crimes against God, others, and ourselves…
The Testimony of Satan will give you a clear look into what your enemy has and has not been doing throughout history. Through I real life experience that took a man deep into darkest to have an encounter with the greatest manipulator. Only to develop a super natural understanding of how we continue to assist our worst enemy. This is probably not for the weak minded and those who can take a little constructive criticism, but for the one who welcomes an opportunity to grow. The Testimony of Satan will open your eyes to faults and show you how the enemy has been blocking you from being who you were created to be.… I believed in myself more than God, and thought myself better than He Who Is Everything.

Satan speaks “As the thought was developing in mind to cast God, who I felt unworthy of His own opulence, influence, and exuberance out of the Kingdom of Heaven, immediately I was cast out… as if by my own hand… in that Michael and the others under God were of the same source, same spirit, but not same will… I was the problem… and I had to be removed… My removal was quicker than lightning appears and descends, yet my fall continues to this day… Ever since that moment, I realized I would never receive a second chance. But judge me not- for if you were in my position… well, most of you would have done the same thing… As a matter of fact, a number of you prove it here on this very planet. You return to your own vomit as a dog or a clean sow wallowing in the mud… You revel in sin and look upon rebelliousness as revolution when they are not one in the same… and all because of pride, believing you deserve it… You are so fortunate to be given more than one chance. Only if you knew how much dominion and authority you have been granted as the children of God. If only you had the highest level of understanding, then and only then would you know a portion of my knowledge, and see the folly of humankind is embedded in your very creation, but not your salvation from being more like… me… I won’t waste too much of my time trying to pull you toward me… unless you would be an extraordinary addition to my dominion… Most of you simply serve me by being drawn toward my entrapment of freedom whereas the Creator demands servitude in order to set you free. I tempted the Christ in the wilderness. I surely did. Yet, I knew- as he knew- since he and the Creator are one in the same that it was not the best use of my time. Christ knew who I was with a recollection of over millennia, long before his corporeal vessel came into being. Christ knew who he was long before all of us, both mortal and immortal knew who he truly was or rather “Who” lies within Him and in Whom he lies. I fled from Him, not solely because he was the Christ, but because He was and is God-in-Christ. I was like a rogue knight retreating from the eternal king… powerless to his omnipresence, omnipotence, omniscience… and above all… His grace….”

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