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Ebook Deals Today UK | July 17, 2019

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£0.77 “Bog” by Jackie Earl

Bog by Jackie Earl

Amazon UK

Ebook Deal of the Day: £0.77 “Bog” by Jackie Earl

Genre: Humour, Young Adult

“What the ..!” shouted Bog, totally forgetting his manners. He shot up off the ground like a startled cat, looking around in complete disbelief.

“What the …!” he said again, more quietly this time, in case his parents heard, and he got a clip round his good right ear.

“Where the …!”

“Lord Melcraft”, exclaimed Arthur “Please sir, calm thyself”

“Why the heck are you calling me Lord Melcraft, you nutter”, exclaimed Bog. “I’m Bog, you’re Arthur, we got hit by lightning on that stupid hat of yours, and my bloomin’ head is killing me!”

Suddenly he stopped – looked around – shook his head – looked again, and promptly passed out.

Several minutes and some enthusiastic face slapping by Arthur later (he didn’t appreciate being called a nutter and he loved his hats), Bog woke up.

“What’s happened to us?” he asked Arthur, gently holding the side of his face, assuming it was throbbing due to the lightning strike, or perhaps his rather inelegant crumpling to the ground.

“We appear to be in Minecrux” said Arthur, “and you’ll never guess who’s joined us.”

When two social misfits, Bog and Arthur, get hit by lightning, they find themselves transported into Minecrux – their favorite computer game.

Add one dog who pees acid, another with two heads, various odd characters, and someone in the real world who is hell bent on causing mischief and destruction – because he can – then you have a recipe for some rather mad adventures.

Sit down, buckle up, leave reality firmly by the door – next to the umbrella and the mud-caked outdoor shoes that noone has bothered to move in decades – and enter the world of Bog. Life as you know it will never be the same again!

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