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Ebook Deals Today UK | April 2, 2020

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Beyond the Forest by Kay L Ling

fantasy fiction ebook Beyond the Forest by Kay L Ling

Realtime Price: £3.10

Lana can draw arcane powers from gemstones, but she’s no match for a gem master like Sheamathan, brutal ruler of the gnome world. The oppressed gnomes of Shadow long for a better life, and Lana agrees to study their native gems to find a solution. But when she goes through the portal, she discovers her gnome guide has a different agenda. He takes her straight to Sheamathan’s castle through a land full of mutant insects, intelligent flying serpents, and other horrors. There, he forces Lana to make a choice–turn her back on the gnomes and go home, or brave Sheamathan’s goblin-like servants to find the throne room and deliver a warning. Only someone very brave or very foolish would risk enchantment, the dungeon, or death, but the gnomes’ conflict may spill over into her world if Lana refuses to go.

Readers will enjoy this unique blend of urban and epic fantasy. Lana’s story begins in our present-day world as she prepares to take over the family jewelry store, but most of her adventures occur in the gnome world.

This is a standalone novel without loose ends or a cliffhanger ending, but the resolution opens the door for further adventures.

Genre: Fantasy

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