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Ebook Deals Today UK | May 17, 2022

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Crowning Brands by Dimitris Stogiannis

Crowning Brands by Dimitris Stogiannis

Realtime Price: £20.99

What this book is all about:
Data is the matchmaker between a Brand and the consumers, as it can profoundly change their relationship status. Today there is a different amount of data available in each business and modern Media agencies act as the trustees of successful business transformations.
This book is about making best friends with data, mitigating uncertainty, and forming winning media strategies. Some simple, yet mind troubling questions for marketers, managers, stakeholders and media planners, that this book answers:
* What are the most important KPIs in Business and Media?
* Is there a way to quantify how money spent on advertising can affect a brand’s sales?
* How can simple Statistics describe the Media market?
* How can a media planner utilize econometric models to create simple and effective planning tools?
* What is an efficient use of Predictive Analytics?
* What is Attribution?
* What is the future of Media agencies and Business analytics?

Genre: NonFiction, Marketing

Media Crowning Brands: How to put your hands in the data honeypot and come out with a game-changing, predictive media strategy by Dimitris Stogiannis

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