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Ebook Deals Today UK | January 20, 2022

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Against All Odds by Kelly Myers

Against All Odds by Kelly Myers

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Do I want to date Michael? Yes.
Do I want to go against all rules? No.

I live by the three Zoe Hamilton rules.

#1: Never sleep with a co-worker.
#2: Never put my job in jeopardy.
#3: Never crush on douchebags.

Being with Michael will squash each one of these rules.
It will destroy my career, my life, my heart.
And for what?
He’s so headstrong.
Always wants to be in control.
Well, he won’t control me.
Not until I have this brilliant brain inside my head.
One that shuts off the second his gorgeous eyes meet mine.

I’m done turning into a mushy little girl.
I’m done being reckless.
But I’m also done trying to forget how special Michael makes me feel.

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy

Against All Odds: An Office Romance Romantic Comedy (Searching for Love, Book 4) by Kelly Myers

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