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Ebook Deals Today UK | January 27, 2022

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A Romance She’ll Remember by Mimi Barbour + more!

A Romance She'll Remember by Mimi Barbour + more!

Realtime Price: £2.20

It all begins with a look. The sparkle in his eye when he first catches her looking his way. Her smile that blossoms when she realizes he’s been waiting for her his whole life. Electricity crackles through the air when two lovers realize they were meant to be. Whether friends or strangers, there’s always that one moment when romance ignites, first through sight, then words, then with that touch that bonds them in so many ways.
Doctors, playboys, ranchers, beach bums, wounded warriors and more, these hot heroes and the women they love are sure to stir the romance fire in your blood.

Love Me Tender by Mimi Barbour – NYT & USA Today Bestselling author
A young mother’s eight-year-old secret…
How can Anne go back to Texas knowing that her son would be meeting a father and grandmother who never even knew he existed? But how can she stay away when that wonderful woman, who’d been the only mother she ever knew, is dying and needs her?

Autumn Love by Natalie Ann – USA Today Bestselling author
What happens when the ghost of Ali’s grandfather decides to meddle in her love life?
Liam Sullivan is a well-respected businessman in the community that sees a beloved apple orchard falling into disrepair and offers to buy it. Ali Rogers’s life is crumbling down around her. Her mother is selling the family business that should have gone to her and the sexy new owner has his eye on her, only, there is nothing she can do about it because she feels she is losing her mind with the appearance of her grandfather’s ghost.

Kiss Me, Dancer by Alicia Street – USA Today Bestselling author
A dance teacher, a divorced dad, and a little boy who needs them both.
Ballet teacher Casey is about to lose her dance school when along comes a handsome divorced dad, a playboy mogul who offers his help since Casey is the only one who can reach his shy, withdrawn son. But will saving her school mean losing her heart?

Love Me Forever by Ari Thatcher – USA Today Bestselling author
Escaping to Maui to get over her divorce, Jen runs into her first love, who blew her off at the end of her vacation years ago. Matt had given up hope of ever finding her again. Can he convince her to give him a second chance?

Appaloosa Blues by Nancy Radke –USA Today Bestselling author
Will her love for the neighboring rancher kill her only grandfather?
Unwilling to forgive his neighbor, a grandfather keeps two ranch families apart. Because he has a serious heart condition, the oldest brother and sister plan to “stage” a gradual summer romance, so as not to shock the old man. It quickly heats up, building on the feelings they once had for each other. What will happen when he discovers their love is real?

Leap, Laugh, Love by Rachelle Ayala – USA Today Bestselling author
Three words of wisdom can solve all of life’s problems. If it doesn’t work the first time, repeat and repeat again until it does.

Bittersweets: Brenda and Larry – A Steamy Romance – by Suzanne Jenkins – USA Today Bestselling author
A trip to the ER leads to a whirlwind romance for the doctor and his ER patient. Will her dark secret ruin everything?

Tales of the Dragonfly in Flight by Tamara Ferguson – USA Today Bestselling author
Indian legend claims Dragonfly Pointe has a mysterious power to ensure new beginnings. Will it work for the cop and the NY designer?

Courage to Dare: Sizzling Romantic Suspense (The Man in the Arena Book 1) by Taylor Lee – USA Today Bestselling author
Sparks fly between Sheriff Luke Lang and Dr. Avajli Patel, but will his survivor’s remorse dampen their chances of igniting western wildfire passion?

Ambrosia by the Sea by Traci Hall – USA Today Bestselling author
Only by losing their fight against their uncontrollable attraction would they both win. A South Florida romance.

Genre: Contemporary Romance

A Romance She’ll Remember by Mimi Barbour, Natalie Ann, Alicia Street, Ari Thatcher, Nancy Radke, Rachelle Ayala, Suzanne Jenkins, Tamara Ferguson, Taylor Lee & Traci Hall

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