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Ebook Deals Today UK | April 2, 2020

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3/8 £2.63 “Haze of Dusk : A Trilogy” by Immer. C.H

Ebook Deal of the Day: £2.63 “Haze of Dusk : A Trilogy” by Immer. C.H

“Thoughtless Judyala doesn’t think before she acts. She transformed into her brother by using a spell, and now has taken his place in a gory war against flesh eating creatures. She didn’t think becoming her brother meant hiding her female desires—becoming him meant hiding her truth, for if her secret is spilled, it is her own people who’ll end her life.

Desire, need, and impulsion will strike her. And when she meets two sorcerers, an instructor and a warrior, she’ll find herself chained to a reality she can’t confront. Judyala will have no choice but to accept life as it is. She’ll forget love, and will learn to kill without remorse, but all is wrong, and she will learn a truth that will crumble her entire reality, a truth that will make her realize she’s fighting on the wrong side of the line…” 

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