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Ebook Deals Today UK | May 22, 2018

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I Believe In Butterflies by Marian L. Thomas

women's fiction contemporary romance ebook I Believe In Butterflies by Marian L. Thomas

Realtime Pricing: Amzn: £4.42 B&N: $5.49

Seventy-six-year-old Emma Lee Baker has lived a seemingly ordinary life near the banks of Thomas Bay, but a shocking discovery turns her ordinary life into something altogether extraordinary.

Honour Blue Baker is the polar opposite of her gentile mother. There’s only two things in life she fears: her past and the idea of falling in love. Those fears come full circle when she returns to Barrow County to visit her mother, never knowing that her journey home will become a journey of a lifetime.

Twenty-three-year-old Lorraine has hedged her bets on three things: love, butterflies, and the fact that she’s a white woman. When she discovers that her long-held beliefs are nothing more than fallacies, all she’s held dear is shattered. The hard truths force her to seek out a fresh start – far from the life she thought she knew – but that new life will not be without its share of perils.

An emotional portrait of three women dealing with life’s often rocky terrain in search of hope, courage, love, and identity.

When a fiction book wars with racial classification, it’s put on the weekend reading list.

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Women’s Fiction

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