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Crime, Thriller

Names are deadly. Diamonds are deadlierDetective Gabe Nichols is ready to start fresh. A new city, a new job, a new life. After what he and Kyra have been through in the past year, they deserve it. His first day on the new job brings a bizarre case in which several victims around the city are targeted. They all have identical names.Detective Cody Oliver has moved from rural, small-town cop life to the big city. He and Gabe team up for a bizarre case. One that makes little logical sense and brings enemies from the past to the forefront of their lives again.When another victim with the same name goes missing, and they realize missing children may be involved, Gabe and Cody race to figure out what clandestine organization is behind the murders. If they don't act fast, more innocent victims may be lost to the light forever.A prequel novella to the Gabe and Cody mystery series.