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Contemporary Romance

Sisters. Weddings. Secrets. Fed up with being known as the oldest and most responsible of the Rose sisters, Ashleigh yearns for the life not lived and longs to strike out on her own so that she can regain the dreams of her past; the ones she abandoned in order to take care of her sisters and the bridal shop her mother started.Now, at the age of forty-three, two decades after the trajectory of her life was cruelly thwarted, she is filled with regret and is busy making new plans.But these have to take a back seat because Ginny, the youngest sister, is getting married and Eloise is, well, not so reliable.There's also the small problem of a former lover returning and threatening to recapture her heart.Discover what happens at The Bridal Shop, a wedding dress boutique run by three sisters. A place where dreams begin.THE BRIDAL SHOP is Book 1 in THE ROSE SISTERS trilogy.