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Urban Fantasy

I already died once.
I'm not doing it again.

Turns out cheating death isn't all it's cracked up to be. I thought my new life reaping souls for a vampire warlord couldn't get much worse. Until someone framed me for murder.

Which is when I discovered there's no such thing as rock bottom—only free fall.

Now I have the FBI breathing down my neck, trying to put me in cuffs for the crime. But going to jail is the least of my worries. Because a rain goddess on this island city I call home believes I deserve the death penalty. And if I don't clear my name, I'll be dead—this time for good.

"...fast paced and fun...unfolds in a cascade of imaginative events that keeps one reading to see what could possibly happen next." - Fantasy & Science Fiction

NOTE: this novel was originally released under the title Rain Dance.