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Psychological Thriller

Nicole Lee, a young wife and new mother, steps out of the mall, squinting against the glare of the midday sun, completely unaware that her life is about to change forever.

In a matter of seconds, she is steeped in fear as the world she knows and the life she loves fades away.

As the panic sets in and the terror takes hold, Nicole tries to keep calm, though she's now in a frantic fight for her life. Locked in a deadly battle of wits with a psychopath, she struggles to keep her sanity as she's held.

A 59,000+ word novel, with over 17,000 words of bonus content.

For mature audiences only.


"...one of the best purchases I have made on Amazon. I took a chance on an unknown author and found a new favorite to follow. I was just expecting a dark run-of-the-mill thriller and found a writer who can actually scare the heebie jeebies out of me." -- Independent Review

"Brilliant start to finish. I can't believe this came from the mind of a woman." -- Independent Review

"Texas Chainsaw meets Silence of the Lambs." -- Independent Review

"...grabs you by the throat on the first page and relentlessly squeezes you to the last." -- Independent Review